Social Media Strategy Guide

Social Media Strategy Guide tailored to your business. The only guide you'll need to help your business stand out on social media.


What's in this package?
Social Media Strategy Guide

How can our Social Media Strategy Guide help you?

A Social Media Strategy is like your game plan for conquering social media. It’s all about figuring out what to post, when to post, and who to target to boost your business’s online visibility. It helps you connect with customers, promote your brand, and achieve your goals. Whether you’re a complete startup or an established business, this strategy plan will help you up your game.

Based on your business niche & vision, we’ll put together an easy-to-follow Social Media Strategy Guide. A playbook that will help you focus on the right platforms, plan your content and posting strategy and engage effectively with your audience.

What's in this package?

Our Social Media Strategy Guide is split into a few sections. Firstly, we’ll be looking into what you’re trying to achieve, then we’ll create a plan & strategy to outline how to get there.

There is no expiry date, you can use & re-use this social media strategy guide for as long as you find it useful, and always come back to it when needed.

  • 1

    Initial deep-dive & foundations

    In the first step we’ll do a deep dive into your goals and vision. Some businesses use socials to sell their products, some businesses use socials for brand awareness, some to generate leads or sales, and some to drive traffic to their website. We’ll look into what your vision is.
  • 2

    Target audience & niche audit

    We then look into your target audience and create your perfect audience persona. We’ll help you outline who is the ideal customer and where should you focus your attention. We’ll do an audit into your particular niche. See what’s out there, see what’s trending, what gets the most amount of engagement. Simply, we look and evaluate what’s hot and what’s not.
  • 3

    Competitors audit

    Next we’ll then look into your competition. You probably already know who’s your biggest competitor. We’ll analyse their online presence, who they are and what they do on social media, how they post, how often they post and what their posting strategy looks like. We’ll then try to identify the gaps that you should be filling in.
  • 4

    SEO, keywords & hashtags audit

    We’ll do a detailed keyword and hashtags audit, finding the most suitable keywords and hashtags that perform the best for your products, so you benefit from the best possible visibility.
  • 5

    Social media audit & optimisation

    Next we’ll do a detailed social media audit. We’ll set up your social media accounts if you don’t have them yet, or we optimise your existing ones, making sure your accounts are consistent on all platforms so that each profile has a rich bio that tells a great story. We’ll make sure the right profile image and cover image are used and reflect your brand and what you do.
  • 6

    Posting strategy plan

    Now that the research part is done, we’ll start working on the posting strategy. We’ll recommend the most suitable platforms for your brand or product. We’ll recommend the style of the posts based on the latest trends. We give you examples of what your post should look like, give you ideas for images that you can use and re-use and give you ideas on what your posts should say, what tone of voice to use, keywords and hashtags they should include and of course how often should you post.
  • 7

    30-day posting schedule

    In this step, we’ll create a posting schedule for you for the entire month. We’ll put together a package of 20 posts on 2 platforms, Instagram & Facebook. Each post will include a well-optimised description with hashtags and images and schedule the posts, so you have brand new content for the first month. These posts will not only kickstart your social media but will always be there for you as an inspiration if you need it.
  • 8

    Engagement strategy

    We’ll explain why it’s important to engage with your followers.
  • 9

    Metrics & results evaluation

    This part of the social media strategy guide is to understand your performance and be able to evaluate how you’re doing. How many followers you’re getting, what’s your post engagement and what are your overall KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

    Here we’ll guide you through the performance part, where you find this information, how you know the post is performing and what to change and fix.

+ Plus additional actionable recommendations. As a part of the social media strategy guide, we’ll give you recommendations on several platforms that you can use for posting and scheduling your posts on different platforms. You’ll find out how to plan and schedule your posts in advance to make it easier and less time-consuming.

What format does the social media strategy guide come in?

The social media strategy guide will come in a PDF book format. PDFs can be easily printed without formatting issues or used as a presentation or slideshow.

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What's in this package?

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