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A buggy website may lead to angry customers, bad reviews and loss of profits. 🤬

We can prevent that and help you get back on track in no time.

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Website Issues, Testing & Research

A broken website is a nightmare! 🧟‍♂️

A broken website will frustrate your customers. It could lead to lost sales and damage your business reputation. Defective pages can harm your search engine rankings (SEO), making your site less visible online. If a checkout page doesn’t work, customers can’t complete purchases, reducing your revenue. If a contact form fails, you could miss important customer inquiries.

We untangle tech tangles and unprick the pricks. Your digital world deserves to run flawlessly – let us make it happen, fast & hassle-free! 🚀

Simple pricing, great value.

Things should be simple. We charge A$80 per hour.

Whether you need help troubleshooting an issue, customising code or fixing those prickly bugs, we can help with these:

  • Broken links & 404 errors, slow loading pages;
  • Non-responsive design, poor mobile experience;
  • Issues with payment gateways, preventing sales transactions;
  • Shopping cart not updating or functioning improperly;
  • Misconfiguration causing the site to go offline frequently;
  • Form submission errors preventing customer queries;
  • Website not optimised for search engines (poor SEO);
  • Ineffective site architecture causing navigation problems;
  • Site lacking proper security measures, vulnerable to cyberattacks;
  • Poor or missing metadata affecting SEO and social sharing;
  • Images not loading or displaying incorrectly, and more.

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I highly recommend this service. Slow-loading pages were driving me mad. It turned out to be a broken Google analytics script. I thought it would cost me hundreds to fix and it ended up being $80.


Excellent service. I'm not a techy person and Yann was very patient with me. Got the website back up and running in a couple of hours.


We've had a custom feature developed for our eCommerce shop. The whole project was smooth from start to finish, great communication, fast turnaround and matched our budget. Go Team Prrickly.



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